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Decorating Your Kitchen Counter

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house or model home and noticed how fresh the kitchen looks? Have you taken a look at your own kitchen lately? Does it compare? I bet the one big thing that always stands out is the countertops. Keeping things off of your counter will make the entire kitchen look so much tidier. It can be a chore to keep things off the counter, but if you want it to look great at all times, this is a must! Remember that less is more. This does not mean you have to put away the things that you use on a daily basis. The cooking utensils and coffee maker can stay, don’t worry! But does the blender that only gets used once in a while really need to take up valuable space? I’m sure the bags of chips and bread also have a place they can go without being on display. Check out these simple steps that will help you when decorating your kitchen counter! 

When creating kitchen countertop decor, remember to stay minimal. It is a good idea to have lots of space in between the decor so that you can show off the countertops. If the countertops aren’t a granite or stone, there are lots of other great options as well. Check out these cheaper counter options. They include faux stone as well as wood which is a nice modern look! Decorating your kitchen counters doesn’t need to be hard. In fact it is quite easy! Keep it simple and keep it functional.

Functional Items in Kitchen
Functional Items in Kitchen Tray - Photo by: April Karschner

Functional Items

When it comes to decorating your kitchen counter, the less is more rule is always number 1. Of course, there are certain items that you use every day and your kitchen needs to be functional! Keep items like cooking utensils in some sort of container to keep organized. Olive oils and salt and pepper can be left out. If it is possible, keep your functional items in some sort of tray. A tray that swivels is even better! Think lazy Susan type of style. It makes grabbing the right utensil so much easier as well as keeps the counters looking fresh and tidy. If there is a small countertop appliance you use daily (such as a coffee maker or toaster) it is no problem to keep it on the counter. Just be sure to keep it clean as dust can quickly build up! Other appliances that are not used daily can be stashed away in the cupboards or even in storage depending on the amount of use. 

Soap Dispensers
Soap Dispensers - Photo by: Urban Ember

Upgrade Your Containers

This is such an easy thing to do but not many people do it! There are so many different styles of containers that you can put your things in. Glass mason jars or other simple containers can be great for your cooking utensils. Upgraded olive oil and soap dispensers will leave your kitchen looking fancy as heck! A cool trend is to have 2 soap bottles, one for your hands and one for the dishes. You can also buy modern salt and pepper holders that will look a lot nicer than what they come in at the store. If possible, it is great to make sure that all of these containers go together in some way. If you are going with glass, stick with glass. Maybe you are going with ceramic, stick with ceramic. Creating some sort of theme will keep things meshing well together and is key when decorating your kitchen counter. These containers don’t need to be expensive! You would be surprised what you can find at the dollar store! 

Cutting Board Decor
Cutting Board Decor - Photo by: Bless'er House

Stylish Cutting Boards

Your cutting board can become a piece of artwork in your kitchen – so long as it is pretty! The plastic cutting boards don’t look quite as trendy as the wooden or marble ones. There are all kinds of stylish cutting boards that you can buy now, so why not upgrade your current board! From live edge to funky shapes and sizes, to resin to marble, the variety of cutting boards is immense! There are even cutting boards that are half wood and half marble! Laying 3 or 4 of these boards of the same material up against your backsplash look fab. They can make a really beautiful focal point! Something like this bamboo trio set from Bed, Bath and Beyond would look great in your kitchen! A cutting board can be both functional as well as stylish and it is one of the most important parts in the kitchen. Why not use them to decorate your kitchen counter! 

Fruit Bowl Decor
Fruit Bowl Decor - Photo by: Traditional Home

A Bowl of Fruit

It is personal preference if you want to keep a bowl of real or fake fruit in your kitchen, but typically real is more functional. The only problem that arises with keeping real fruit is that of course, it will go bad. So be sure to eat it up before that happens! A bowl of fruit will liven up your kitchen and add some great punches of colour. Perhaps you love red and have other red touches in your kitchen. Apples can look stunning as accents. Going for more of a light and airy kind of look? Oranges and lemons can also add a beautiful touch of colour! The other great thing about a bowl of fruit is that it usually smells quite nice in the kitchen as well! When choosing your fruit, be sure to pick something that you and your family enjoy eating. Also make sure that the colour goes well with the rest of the decor. If you wanted more of a variety of fruit, the mixed colours can also look classy on your counter!

Dried Good Kitchen Decor
Dried Good Kitchen Decor - Photo by: Connox

Glass Jars + Dried Goods

Now I know you have seen this done before! Doesn’t it look stylish? Adding some dried goods such as pastas and nuts to glass jars can really add that “kitchen-y” feeling. Not only do these jars look great, but they are also the perfect spot to store your dried goods! You can add things like oats, rice, pastas, pretzels, sugars and whatever else you would like! Your spices can also be kept on display if they are in pretty containers! It is appealing to the eye when there are different colours and shapes of items in these jars. We have even seen dried fruits as well. Switching up the size of the jars can also look really cool! Adding a stencil to the outside of the jars can also make life easier so you know what’s what. 

Kitchen Plant Decor
Kitchen Plant Decor - Photo by: HGTV

A Plant (or Two... or Three!)

Having some sort of plant in your kitchen will add a sign of life. Whether it be a small succulent, a cactus or a bouquet of flowers, adding some sort of flora will look delightful! A great spot to place your plants is under the window. Not only will the plant receive more light in this area, it will also look really great. Another perfect spot for a kitchen plant is in each corner. Bonus points for having the same plant in opposite corners! A small plant can also be added to your functional item tray. The plants might not be functional, but they sure look great when they are placed with everything else! Who doesn’t love a bouquet of flowers? A fresh bouquet looks amazing when placed on the kitchen island. They are gorgeous to look at, plus the fresh scent of flowers around you is sure to put you in a good mood! 

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Style
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Style - Photo by: Houzz

Have a Theme

Having a theme means having some sort of colour, material or shape theme in your kitchen. If your style is eclectic, then go for different funky colours and shapes. Maybe your style is rustic, try out some wood and tin materials. Perhaps your style is classy, stick with glass and/or white containers. Once you have your style figured out, pick a colour (or two!) and run with it. Pairing colours in your kitchen with your plants and flowers can look delightful! Small appliances and cookware comes in so many different colours now, you can easily stylize your entire kitchen to suit your theme! Just make sure that your bright yellow coffee maker goes alright with your pale green backsplash. Colour pairing can be simple. A great way to check out which colours go well together is to try out the Adobe Color Wheel! Place one colour in the wheel and find out what others go with it! 

Minimal Items in Kitchen

That's It!

Once you have the above items carefully placed on your counters, try not to put anything else there. Cleaning your countertops is going to be so easy without having to remove odds and ends! It is tough to keep your items to a minimum, but as long as everything has its own place, it will be much easier to keep it tidy. For example, any food items should be kept in a designated cupboard or pantry. Small kitchen appliances and cookware should be stored in the cupboards or cabinet. As long as you have your daily used items in containers that are easy to get to, you shouldn’t need anything else on the counter. Always remember that less is more when you are decorating your kitchen counter! If it feels crowded, then it probably is. If it is difficult to clean around the stuff, take away whatever isn’t needed. Have limited counter space and you don’t have room for dried goods? Then, scrap that idea. Keep your kitchen functional as that is what will make the most impact on your daily life. 

The main thing to remember when decorating your kitchen counter is that less is more! We may sound like a broken record, but it’s so true! Large kitchens make it easier to decorate the counter with larger items. Smaller kitchens can still have a plant or two, but stick with something smaller like a succulent. Another thing to remember is that all of your decorative items should also be functional. There is really no point in having a nice looking cutting board that cannot actually be used.

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