Fall Cleaning Checklist 2017

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fall cleaning checklist

It's that time of year

The leaves are falling and there's a familiar chill in the air. It's coming. You know it. We know it. Winter is looming and though you can't stop it, you can be prepared. The Susan and Moe Team has compiled a list of things to do before the temperatures dip to make sure you have a clean and comfortable home this winter. 


□ Turn off exterior water supply

□ Inspect furnace and test thermostat

□ Change furnace filter

□ Check weatherstripping

□ Clean out fireplace and sweep chimney

□ Clean out dryer vent

□ Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Replace batteries as needed

□ Check and replace light bulbs

□ Dust light fixtures, fans and window blinds

□ Wash doorframes and baseboards 


□ Purge and store summer clothing and shoes
Consider donating old clothes to local charities

□ Flip and vacuum mattress

□ Wash winter bedding

□ Dust and wipe down furniture


□ Clean out gutters
Consider installing gutter guards to stop leaves and debris from clogging your gutters. 

□ Trim large tree branches
Cut bushes and trees away from your house

□ Rake and bag leaves

□ Wash windows

□ Clean outdoor light fixtures and replace bulbs if needed

□ Clean and store BBQ and patio furniture

□ Drain and store garden hose

□ Cover air conditioner

Kitchen & Bath

□ Dust top of cabinets and refrigerator

□ Organize pantry and cabinets
Purge pantry and throw away expired items.

□ Clean food trap in dishwasher

□ Sweep and mop under appliances

□ Wash bathmats

□ Clear drains

□ Clean and disinfect shower, toilets, and sinks

Living Spaces

□ Wash curtains and blinds

□ Wash and/or vacuum furniture

□ Vacuum or sweep under furniture

Winterizing Tips

Reverse your ceiling fans to circulate warm air

Switch to down-filled duvets and/or flannel sheets to keep warm and cozy at night

Keep vents clear of obstructions

Wear a sweater :)

Happy cleaning!