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Outdoor Trends

Outdoor Trends of 2020

Ahh 2020, the year of masks, dalgona coffee, murder hornets and of course… staying at home. Staycations have become a very popular thing this year and if you are looking for some great campgrounds or cottages to rent, we’ve got you covered. If you are just looking to enjoy a hot summer day in your backyard, we’ve also got you covered! Perhaps your yard is looking a little stale with brown grass – or a lack thereof. Maybe you have always wanted to redo your deck or patio or add some accent lighting. Either way, if you are looking to upgrade your current outdoor digs, you are going to love these outdoor trends of 2020!

1. Patio Furniture with Blue Accents

No one wants to be uncomfortable, so its no surprise that comfy patio furniture is a huge outdoor design trend of 2020. If you are going to be spending lots of time in the outdoors at your home, you have to be enjoying it! Conversation sets and dining sets are great for having people over and enjoying a day or evening. Many of these sets are also going on sale this time of year, so now may be a great time to shop! Be sure to try out the furniture in the store first if possible to make sure that it is going to be comfortable. Hanging chairs and swinging couches are always a great choice. Be sure to set up chairs and a table so you have a spot to set your drink. This year’s top colour trend for outdoor furniture? You guessed it! Blue! From muted greys to classic navy, if you are looking for that top colour for 2020, this is it! If you really want to have the “in” pillows, try out stripes and Aztec-inspired prints for a super modern look. 

Patio Furniture with Blue Accents Outdoor Trends
Patio Furniture with Blue Accents - Photo by: Leisure Made

2. Accent Lighting

It’s easy to turn the day into night on a hot summer evening. If you don’t have outdoor lighting, you may feel as though you are being forced to come indoors. Outdoor accent lighting can make the transition from day into night so much more smooth! Bonus points for setting your lighting up on a timer! The 2020 top lighting trend is minimalist, linear and sleek. Adding LED lighting under railings, steps, decking and benches makes for an attractive and impressive look. It also creates the illusion of “floating” objects. Rope lighting that follows patios and sidewalks also looks amazing especially when along curves and corners. String lights also look fantastic when strung across a seating area. One thing to be conscious of is that adding lighting will attract mosquitos, so it is definitely a good idea to have something to keep the bugs at bay! If the little monsters are getting out of control, why not trying out mosquito repellent torches for a tropical Hawaiian type of look. These will also add to your outdoor curb appeal!

Accent Lighting
Accent Lighting - Photo by: Next Luxury

3. Water Feature

The sound of water flowing is calming and therapeutic. It helps to create a place of relaxation, kind of like the spa! Turning your outdoor space into an at-home spa sounds good to us, and I bet it does for you too! Some great water feature trends include fountains into swimming pools, small ponds, or something as simple as a small tabletop water fountain such as this one. Water walls and rills are a 2020 trend making their way into Canada. Their sleek and modern design give an updated and luxurious look to your yard. Water rills are typically long and rectangular concrete waterways that extend across your yard. Water walls are very “spa-like” creating a literal wall of water with water being circulated up through piping and then coming back down creating a waterfall into stones or a pool below. These features are typically fairly wide and tall, but can also be a smaller stream of water coming out of a spout which then trickles along the wall (normally made of stone). 

Water Feature Outdoor Trends
Water Feature - Photo by: STONEarch

4. Fire Feature

If you are able to create an ultimate outdoor space with all 5 elements, then your outdoor space is really rockin’ – literally! One of the 5 elements is of course “fire“. Fire tables and features have always been in style, but they have been really popular this year. If you live in an area where you can have a firepit, some design trends of 2020 include sunken firepits with built-in seating surrounding the pit. Another great trend we have seen is building the seating right into the stones and exposed rocks (be sure to add cushions for comfort!). Linear fire features are another modern trend for 2020. There is something very trendy about having a straight line of flames. Fire tables are also a really cool addition to your outdoor space. They make a great conversation piece and add a little bit of light and heat when it’s getting dark! 

Linear Fire Feature

5. Outdoor Kitchens

Why interrupt your sunny days by going inside to cook when the BBQ is already outside! Invest in an outdoor bar fridge and you will never need to go indoors again! If you really want to be fancy, you can even get outdoor cabinetry, counters plus a sink! Built-in BBQ and side burners are a huge trend for 2020. Stone “cabinetry” and granite or marble counters are also in style. If you really want to go all out, ice makers and dishwashers are also a great addition! Who wants to have to bring their dishes inside after a great meal outdoors! Make sure to have some sort of outdoor seating to go along with the kitchen. A bar area with stools is always a fun choice! Outdoor kitchens are a popular outdoor trend for 2020, but because of our harsh winters in Ottawa, not a lot of people want to invest in them. But, if you install your outdoor kitchen properly, everything can be winterized and safely stored during the winter months. It helps to make sure that your outdoor kitchen is covered and protected from the elements. 

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen - Photo by: HGTV Photo Library

6. Aluminum Railings

It’s amazing how replacing an old railing can drastically change the overall appearance of your deck or balcony. They are also a smart choice when it comes to longevity as they won’t rot like wood railings will in time. They are also very sturdy and can withstand tough weather. Black railings with wood decking creates a modern contrast and an updated look. Another great design trend for 2020 is pairing glass panels with aluminum railings. A glass infill is perfect for creating an unobstructed view of your backyard. Another railing trend of 2020 is to pair your aluminum fence posts with a cable infill. Steel cable railing offers a stylish and innovative design. It is also low-maintenance and easy to install. A lot like a glass infill, steel cable railings also offer unobstructed views since they are so thin! 

Aluminum Railing
Aluminum Railing - Photo by: Kuiken Brothers

7. Composite Decking

Another great weather resistant alternative to wood is composite decking. While this type of decking may cost more upfront, it’ll be worth it for the amount you will save over the lifespan of the deck. It is maintenance-free due to its resistance to moisture, insects and sunlight. Though rustic wood looks are still in style, composite decking makes for a more modern and industrial aesthetic especially when paired with metals and sharp angles. There are so many different styles of composite decking to choose from (and no slivers!). You can go with something natural looking or something totally different! A great composite decking trend of 2020 is to include 2 different colours or styles of decking. Since you have so many options, why not try and do a two-tone colour design with thicker and thinner boards blended together creating a unique depth and style. 

Composite Decking
Composite Decking - Photo by: Poly Enterprises

8. She-Sheds

It’s girls only with this new outdoor trend! You’ve probably seen that ad on TV about the “she-shed”. If not, you are going to love the idea! The “man-cave” has been around for years and it’s about time that something was created just for the ladies! She-sheds can have so many different uses. It can be a craft room, a reading nook, a creative escape, an extra bedroom, or just a peaceful escape with a girlfriend and a glass of wine! Another plus is that they can also be decorated to suit your preference. Throw in as much pink and flowers or video games and books as you want! She-sheds come in all shapes and sizes. You may already have a shed in your backyard that can easily be converted, or you may want to consider purchasing a ready-made shed from a manufacturer. If you are feeling adventurous, maybe you want to take on a DIY project and make your own! Either way, the ladies are going to love it! 

She-Shed - Photo by: Busy Mommy Media

9. Catios

This trend is kind of like a she-shed, except it’s just for cats! These little furry friends really enjoy spending time outdoors. Letting them loose in your yard could cause the felines to get dirty, lost or hurt. This is why “catios” or “cat patios” were invented! A catio is a large, enclosed space that is typically attached to an entry from your home such as patio doors or a window. These enclosed spaces typically include scratching posts, shelves, plants, beds and maybe some catnip for the spoiled kitties! The catio doesn’t have to be an eyesore attached to your home, there are lots of stylish ideas you can create as an added outdoor space. Add a patio chair or a couch with some comfy cushions and you may even want to spend some time in the catio if its large enough! 

Catio Outdoor Trends
Catio - Photo by: Catio Spaces

We hope you enjoyed these outdoor trends of 2020. No matter what size your yard is, these design trends are for every space. Whether you are looking to upgrade what you already have, or start fresh, these trends will have your home looking modern and up to date. Enjoy your long weekend and the rest of your summer! We hope we can help you to create the perfect space for staycations!

Looking for a home with a larger yard or some of these trends already completed? Give us a call, we would love to help you find your dream home!