Refresh Your Decor for Spring

March 12, 2021
March 26, 2021
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Spring Decor

Spring Decor - Photo by: Depositphotos

Refresh Your Decor for Spring

Only 1 more day till spring! Isn’t this time of year exciting when the snow is melting and the temperatures are warming up! Birds are coming back and new life is starting to show. This transition season is such a wonderful time of year when the vibrant colours return to nature with green grass, blossoms and buds. As the outdoor surroundings begin to change, some of us like to start to switch up our indoor surroundings as well! If you are looking to refresh your decor for spring, you have come to the right place! Check out these great tips on decorating your home for spring.

Bring in Light Colours

Spring is a time for bright and vibrant colours in nature, so why not bring these colours into your home. Think pastels, pinks, greens, yellows, oranges and blues. Black and white prints are also great for this time of year. The more white, the better! These colours will help give your home a fresh and airy feeling. You can incorporate these colours through artwork, plant pots, throw pillows, rugs, curtains, placemats, table cloths, chair covers, fresh fruit, vases, flowers, candles, wall decor and more! Wherever you can find some colourful decor, go for it! It will help to get rid of the dull winter blues and bring in some upbeat, happy vibes to your home.

Light Colours
Light Colours - Photo by: The Urban Company

Decorate with Plants & Flowers

Bringing fresh-cut flowers into your home not only adds a beautiful pop of colour but also brings a fresh, spring-like scent! Pair your flowers with a pretty vase and you have an art piece that looks great on any coffee, dining or end table! Adding flowers to your windowsill or kitchen countertops is also a nice touch. A few great spring flowers to consider are tulips, roses, ranunculuses, hydrangeas, irises, lilies, daisies, carnations, delphiniums, and lavender. Another great way to bring life into your home is with potted plants. There are tons of awesome plants you can add to your space to provide some lively decor. If plant keeping is new for you, check out our post with the top 10 easiest houseplants to care for. Any of those options would add some nice spring flair to your home! 

Fresh Spring Flowers
Fresh Flowers - Photo by: Freepik

Switch Throw Pillows & Rugs

Choosing the right throw pillows to go with the season can be a fun task! No need to go out and buy brand new pillows for every season, you can just swap out the covers as a cheaper option. Amazon has lots of seasonal throw pillow covers to choose from. Chapters and HomeSense also offer lots of beautiful pillows. Any furniture store will have them as well. When choosing which pillows to pair with your decor, you can mix and match different colours, materials and patterns. If you are struggling to figure out what looks good, check out this great article! We know that rugs can be expensive, but if you have a couple of different ones to choose from, why not switch them up this spring as well. Even just swapping rugs from different rooms can be a nice change! 

Throw Pillows
Throw Pillows - Photo by: Nordstrom

Lighter Sheets & Blankets

‘Tis the season for lighter sheets, comforters and blankets! Time to put away the thick flannel sheets and break out the nice thin, airy ones. Swapping out your sheets is sure to give you a better night’s sleep and make your bedroom look ready for spring! Switch out any blankets from the chunky, thick ones to thinner and lighter ones. You can still dress up your bed or couch with throws, and some nights are still going to be a little chilly, so you will want to have some blankets around. The buffalo check and wintery patterns can be stowed away, and replaced by floral patterns, white or bright colours or quilts. 

Lighter Bedsheets for Spring
Lighter Bedsheets - Photo by: Freepik - Freepic.Diller

Try a New Doormat

Winter can be tough on doormats. All the snow, salt and dirt can really take a toll on the material. It may even be time to throw out the winter mat and get a new one altogether. Why not try out a spring-looking doormat that adds a fun pop of colour before you even open the door! There are tons of fun doormat designs with cute and funny quotes and pictures. Adding a new doormat is a small, but effective way to decorate your home for spring and add some colour to the front step. Plus it is also a functional item. Don’t forget that your pretty doormat is going to end up getting dirty with mud, so don’t fall in love with it too much!

Spring Doormat
Spring Doormat - Photo by: Hammer & Stain

Change Your Shower Curtain

When was the last time you switched out your shower curtain(s)? It has probably been a while. Did you know that you should change your shower curtain once a year? Because of all of the moisture, your curtain may develop a buildup of mould and bacteria. Not only is it a healthy choice to swap out your shower curtain it is also an easy decor switch! Adding a curtain with some fun bright colours can really brighten up your bathroom for spring. 

Spring Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain - Photo by: Ikea

Bring out the Patio Furniture

Warmer weather means getting to spend more time outside. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than by sitting on some comfortable patio furniture! If you don’t have any furniture yet, now is a great time to purchase some. You can find great deals this time of year before we are into the summer season. If you do already have furniture, get it out of the garage or shed and wash it up to get it ready for the season! Looking for some great tips on cleaning your patio furniture? Check out this article. Remember that we still may get a bit more snow yet. If you do break out the furniture, be sure to have something you can cover it with or a spot you can quickly stow it away should you need to. 

Spring Patio Furniture
Patio Furniture - Photo by: Lifeforstock

In conclusion, the transition between winter and spring might just be the most exciting transition of all the seasons. We hope that you enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoors while staying safe this spring. 

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