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Property Videos

Here at the Susan and Moe Team, we think it’s important for your homes to get as much exposure as possible. This is why we have a top-producing photo and video crew come in to take professional photos and videos of your home. Videos are a great way of marketing, giving a better understanding and representation of a home and helping Buyers to better understand a home’s layout and functionalities. Property videos are key for getting your home sold fast, and for the best price possible!

Fun With Real Estate Videos

Along with property videos, the Susan and Moe Team also thinks it is important to share some of the awesome aspects of Ottawa with our clients.  This is why we created our Fun With Real Estate and Know Your Neighbourhood short segments. Susan and Moe Team videos are unique. They really are unlike anything else you will find. Our videos are informative and fun, and we really hope you enjoy them! Our latest endeavour – Fun With Real Estate: On the Road – highlights local businesses in the Ottawa area. We like to find interesting and unique companies to interview so we can show you some cool venues that Ottawa has to offer! …We might have a little bit of fun with it ourselves as well. What can we say, we love our jobs!

Know Your Neighbourhood Videos

Our Know Your Neighbourhood segments show unique places in Ottawa that you may not have known about before. We like to find interesting and historic locations to share with our clients so that you can be in the know!


Have you heard of a place you think we should check out? Send us an email to [email protected] or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We would love to hear your suggestions!

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Fun With Real Estate: On the Road

Know Your Neighbourhood

Mini-Series: The Susan & Moe Team Presents… CEMETERIES

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Adam Garonce’s Fun With Real Estate