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Winter Decorating

How to Decorate for Winter

It’s that time of year again! Time to take down all of the holiday decor and figure out how to make your home still look beautiful without all of the twinkle lights. You can easily swap out your Christmas decor for plain winter decor by following a few simple steps! Heck, you can even leave out a lot of your Christmas decor, just take away the Santa’s! If you are looking for a little more direction on how to decorate for winter, check out these simple ideas that will transform your home from Christmas to winter in no time at all! 

Take the Red Away

Nothing says Christmas like the colour red! It is said that holly is one of the very first Christmas decorations that people used in their homes. Passed down over generations, people started decorating their homes with red and green ornaments during the holidays. If you are looking to switch out your decor from Christmas to winter, a quick and easy way to do so is to go around and take out all of the red accents. This easy step will begin your journey to decorate for winter. Bows, balls, bells, cardinals, candy canes, lanterns and anything else red you have hanging around on shelves, tables and around the house should come down after Christmas. Leaving one or two here and there can still look beautiful, just make sure that red isn’t the prominent colour in your winter decor. Try out silver and gold colours this time of year instead!

Take Away the Red
Take Away the Red - Photo by: Freepik

Leave the Greenery

Definitely ditch the Christmas tree, but leave some of the greenery up! Garland around windows and doors and the stairs might be a little much, but you can absolutely keep some small clippings of pine and spruce in vases and bowls! You can even leave up the smaller trees (real or fake) in your home, just make sure to take away the red and the coloured lights! As humans, we love to bring the outdoors inside and be surrounded by nature. We can do this by bringing greenery inside along with pinecones, sticks, birch, and anything else you see that still looks pretty in the winter! Cinnamon sticks and dried fruit such as oranges also look great! Did you make one of those trendy outdoor planters this year for Christmas? No need to take it down! It still looks great even as winter decor. Just take away the reds and maybe add some white, silver or gold! 

Leave the Greenery
Leave the Greenery - Photo by: Keller & Keller Photography Inc.

Make it Cozy

Winter is cold, so why not make your home cozy this season! Cozy decor not only looks great, but it feels warm and fuzzy too! A few great ideas for making your home cozy are: adding candles, faux fur rugs, throw pillows (be sure they aren’t Christmassy! Penguins, snowmen, and fluffy white pillows are awesome!), big chunky blankets also look great draped over the back of a couch or chair. Or, on a blanket ladder! These trendy ladders are not only nice to look at, but also very fashionable! Looking for a custom-locally made blanket or towel ladder? Check out Wildflower Customs! Black and white buffalo check also looks great this time of year. Basically, adding anything soft and fluffy is going to make your home instantly cozy and inviting!

Make it Cozy
Make it Cozy - Photo by: Freepik - PVProductions

Vintage Pieces & Odds and Ends

There are tons of great winter decor you can either leave up or put up after Christmas is over. Signs that say things like “Let it Snow” can be used all winter, as long as they don’t have a big Santa Claus on them. Vintage snowshoes, sleds, skis or skates or even a stack of firewood can be used as great winter decor. If you want to try decorating with vintage winter decor, check out these great ideas from HGTV! Snowmen and snowflakes are very wintery. Arctic animals such as polar bears, penguins and snowy owls are also great choices! As long as you stick to neutral colours like black, white, grey, brown and the occasional greens, your winter decor will be looking great in no time! 

Vintage Winter Decor
Vintage Winter Decor - Photo by: Dabbling and Decorating

In conclusion, the transition between Christmas and winter decor can be very simple! Remember to take away the reds and anything that is distinctly Christmas, and you can basically just stick with whatever is left! If you would like to add things here and there, we hope you were able to get some fun ideas from our article. Winter lasts a long time in Canada, so we might as well make the most of it!

We hope you all have a safe and healthy winter season.

Stay tuned for April when we unveil our decorating ideas for spring! 

Remember not to go overboard when decorating your home.
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