Purge Your Home This Fall

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September 21, 2018
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Purge Your Home This Fall

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring seems to be a popular time to go through old items and clean up your home, but Fall is also a great time to purge. Why not cut down on the clutter and clothes you didn’t wear over the summer months and make a clean slate before winter comes around? If you are planning to list your house just in time for the Spring Market of 2019, September and October is the perfect time to start decluttering your home so you don’t need to worry about it when it's time to start packing up and making your move.

Getting rid of your personal items that you have held onto for the last 20 years may be a stressful task. The items in our home can hold all kinds of sentimental value even if they are sitting on a shelf collecting dust in the basement. It is much easier to turn a blind eye to the extra items in our home, but getting rid of these unused items can be a truly liberating experience! Just imagine opening that dreaded 3rd drawer in the kitchen and being able to find what you’re looking for rather than having to search for it. The random little items in our homes add up and getting rid of what you don’t need frees up space for what you do need. Though the results can be fantastic, the unpleasant act of decluttering your home can certainly be an aggravating and lengthy process.

To help simplify this experience, The Susan and Moe Team have created an easy step by step guide to purging your home.


Though it isn’t going to be fun to go through all of the small things in drawers and cabinets – it is still an imperative part to purging. These small items add up and I bet that you aren't going to miss those 12 ballpoint pens that don’t work anymore. It is also nice to give those drawers a wipe down after cleaning all the clutter out of them, you would be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust that can build up in there, sometimes a vacuum hose will work best.

The photo to the right makes me anxious just looking at it. Hover over it to see the magic!
Ottawa Real Estate - Purge Your Home - Messy Junk DrawerOttawa Real Estate - Purge Your Home - Organized Junk Drawer

Create 6 zones for your items

You’ll need some supplies like boxes or garbage bags to fill.
A quick way to decide on an item is to think back to the last time you used it and ask yourself if you plan on using it again.







Ottawa Real Estate - Purging Your Home - Messy PaperworkOttawa Real Estate - Purging Your Home - Organizing Paperwork


We know that paperwork can be a difficult task to take on. It is best to put all paperwork you find into a box and set some time aside to go through it all later. Getting hung up on loose paper in the middle of your purge will be distracting and time-consuming. Just don't forget to go through that box later!

We've all had a stack of papers that looked like this. Only a select few of us are able to keep it as organized as the hover photo shows.


Kijiji and the Facebook Marketplace have made selling items online very easy and an account can be set up in a matter of minutes. If you found enough items in your home to sell, why not have a yard or garage sale!

Yard sales can be a really fun way to spend a weekend getting rid of old things and meeting new people. Kijiji is a great place to list one or a few items to sell privately.
Ottawa Real Estate - Purging Your Home - Garage Sale Selling Your StuffOttawa Real Estate - Purging Your Home - Kijiji Selling Your Stuff
Ottawa Real Estate - Purge Your Home - Declutter BoxesOttawa Real Estate - Purging Your Home - Salvation Army Donation


A good rule of thumb for the undecided items is to put them into a box and mark the date on that box. If you haven’t gone looking for those items within the next 3 months – donate them without opening the box.

If you brought the item out of hiding and didn't end up using it in the last few months, chances are you were never going to use it again.

The Susan & Moe Team understands that decluttering and purging your things can be a long and stressful process. We can help to give you more tips on decluttering and can also help you to find a smaller home to downsize to when the time is right. Remember that once you have purged and the stuff is gone – you will feel a sense of freedom and peace. We know that you will feel accomplished and much less stressed about taking on your next move.

For more great tips, give us a call at 613-457-5000, we would love to hear from you!