Choosing Appliances

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February 24, 2021
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Choosing Appliances

Choosing Appliances

Being a homeowner comes with all sorts of surprises. Some are wonderful, and some can be… frustrating, to say the least. One of the most upsetting things that you can run into is when an appliance breaks down. These large machines are used every day and taken for granted. Oftentimes, you don’t even realize just how much you use your appliances until one breaks down. And then you run into a whole new set of problems! Which brand do I choose? What style do I want? Do I want a front or top loader washing machine? There are so many things to consider when making these decisions. But we have broken it down for you in a few easy to read points. Read on for great tips on choosing appliances!


The first thing you will want to look at before purchasing any appliance is the size. Will it fit into the spot where the old appliance was? Will the door open properly due to its size? Be sure to measure the width, length and height so you know it is going to fit properly (and make it through doorways). 


Once you have figured out the size of the appliance you need, you will want to be realistic with how much you can afford for your new appliance. Appliance prices can vary in price depending on how elaborate you want your appliance to be. 

Energy Efficiency Appliances

Another thing to look for when choosing an appliance is the Energy Star sticker. Energy-efficient appliances use the minimum amount of energy which in turn saves you money. They are also more environmentally friendly and minimize the use of natural resources such as natural gas, water and coal. 


You will also need to decide on the finish of your appliance. Are the rest of your kitchen appliances stainless steel? Do you want your appliances to match your cabinets? Do you want a funky colour for your washer and dryer? Appliances come in all sorts of colours and materials and you will need to pick which one is best for your home. 


The brand you decide on will play a major role in the quality and price of your appliance. The top appliance brands include Bosch, Thermador, GE Profile, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag and KitchenAid. There are also more affordable options such as Danby, Insignia and Amana. If you aren’t sure where to start on brands, check out this great article featuring the best affordable kitchen appliance brands

Smart Appliances

Now that we are in 2021, smart appliances are becoming more and more popular. Do you want a notification on your phone that your dishwasher is finished or that you are running low on milk? Smart technology makes our lives easier and makes for a cool conversation piece in your house! If you’re into smart home technology, you might like our blog post with the smartest gadgets for your home under $200!

Choosing a Refrigerator
Choosing a Refrigerator - Photo by: Snyder Diamond


Style: Which style of fridge will work best for your needs? Side-by-side, bottom-freezer or top-freezer?

Features: Does the fridge have adjustable shelving or temperature-controlled drawers? Is there an ice-maker or water dispenser? You will need to decide if you need any specific features or if you will be okay with a standard refrigerator. 

Noise: This is something that can easily be overlooked. A noisy refrigerator in your kitchen can be quite annoying, so you may want to look into how much sound it will make. Kenmore, LG and Samsung are known for their quieter appliances.

Storage & Capacity: You will want to purchase a fridge that is going to have enough storage for your and your household. 

Choosing a Stove
Choosing a Stove - Photo by: PR Newswire

Ranges & Ovens

Heat Source: Are you looking for an electric or gas stove? What about a steam oven? If you want more control when cooking, gas might be best for you. It heats up quickly and cooks your food faster. If you are looking for a reliable and more affordable stove, electric heat might be best for you. Steam ovens are becoming increasingly more popular due to their ability to cook food without losing all of the healthy nutrients. 

Type: Do you want an induction cooktop because of its safety benefits? Did you know that induction cooking is 60% more efficient than gas? How about inside the oven. Do you want a conventional oven that cooks faster and more efficiently? Check out this article that takes an in-depth look at both!

Style: Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you are going to need to choose between freestanding or slide-in styles. Is your stove going to be standing alone in the kitchen or built-in with the counter and cabinetry? 

Choosing Appliances - Dishwasher
Choosing a Dishwasher - Photo by: Thermador


Cleaning Power: You will want to look into the cleaning performance and read reviews about the efficiency of the dishwasher before making your purchase.

Drying Power: An equally important aspect of your dishwasher is its drying performance. Be sure to find a dishwasher that can effectively heat up for drying purposes.  

Cycle Options: You will want to have a look at the different cycle options that the dishwasher offers. You may want a dishwasher that has the ability to clean smaller or larger loads or delay the start. 

Noise: Much like a refrigerator, the sound of a dishwasher running in the kitchen can also be a nuisance. You may want to look into how much sound your dishwasher is going to make while cleaning. 

Choosing a Washer
Choosing a Washer - Photo by: Samsung Newsroom

Washing Machines

Capacity: One of the first things to consider when purchasing a washing machine is how large of a load it can hold. A couple may not need a washer that can hold 20lbs of laundry, but if you have a large household, this may be best for you. 

Style: Top-load washers may be easier for loading and unloading. Whereas front-load washers are known for their better cleaning process. 

Features: Does the washer come with features such as automatic tumble, self-cleaning, moisture sensors, emergency doors (for last-minute garments), stainless steel tubs? Do you use softeners and bleach? Be sure to check if there are dispensers for each.

Performance & Cycles: How is the cleaning power of the washing machine? You want to make sure it will do a good job on tough stains. What sort of cycle options does it come with?

Choosing Appliances - Dryer
Choosing a Dryer - Photo by: Appliances Connection


Much of the time, choosing washing machines and dryers go hand-in-hand. Because these 2 appliances are generally placed together, if one breaks down, many people will buy both at the same time so that they match. 

much like choosing your washing machine, you will want to consider how large of a load your dryer can hold. 

Type: Is an electric or gas dryer best for you? A gas dryer will save on electricity costs, however, it does require an installed gas line to your house. An electric dryer will cost less upfront but may cost more in the long run. 

Features: Does the dryer have specific cycles for delicates or activewear? How about a 15-minute fast dry, instant refresh or steam cleaning cycles? 

In conclusion, choosing an appliance is a big decision and you will want to make sure to do some research before making your purchase. Always remember to measure out the space that the appliances is going into before buying. If cost isn’t a factor in your decision, check out the 6 best high-end appliances for 2021. If affordability comes into play in your decision, check out this article for the best affordable appliances of 2020. The more costly appliances will give you more features and styles, whereas the affordable ones will be a little more basic, but will get the job done. We hope this article has helped you with your decision on choosing an appliance that is best for you! 

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