Rural vs Urban Living

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February 19, 2021
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Urban vs Rural Living

Thinking of making a lifestyle change? What could be a bigger change than moving from a rural area to the city or vice versa! There are so many differences in owning a home in each of these areas. Living in a rural area comes with your own water and septic situation, whereas living in the city means you have to pay for your water utilities. Living in the city means you can walk to the grocery store, but living in the country means you may have to drive to get to any sort of shopping or entertainment. Both come with their own unique set of pros and cons and we have created an easy list for you to refer to! So, if you are thinking of making a big change to your surroundings, check out our article on rural vs urban living! 


Rural Living - Photo by: Freepik - Wirestock


• More Space & Privacy
Rural properties are typically larger and neighbours are farther away

• Lower Prices
Housing and cost of living prices are typically lower outside of the city

• Less Air Pollution
Less air and light pollution, when you look up at night, you can see the stars

• Friendly Neighbours
The people in rural communities are generally very nice and want to chat

• More Outdoor Toys
You can enjoy snowmobiles, ATV’s, boats, or dirt bikes without bothering people

• Bonfires
Depending on where you live, you may be allowed to have outdoor burning

Bonfire - Photo by: Freepik


• Shopping & Entertainment is Farther Away
Restaurants and stores may be a car ride away rather than a short walk

• Septic & Well
You may need to pay for expensive repairs or replacements for your septic or well 

• Longer Commutes
Your commute to work or school may be longer

• More Bugs
Mosquitos, ants and other insects will be more abundant in rural areas 

• Less Job Opportunities
There may be fewer employment options

• Road Conditions
Snow removal may take longer in rural areas

Bad Roads - Photo by: Freepik


Urban Living
Urban Living - Photo by: Freepik - Tawatchai07


• Convenience
Shopping, entertainment, schools, jobs, everything is closer in the city

• Activities
Want to join a spin or yoga class? You may even be able to walk there

• Public Transportation
Getting around is easy when there are buses, trains, taxis and Uber

• Big Events
Events like Bluesfest or Winterlude are much closer

• Airport(s) Nearby
No need to pay for parking at the airport when you can take public transit

• Higher Salaries
Jobs are more abundant in the city and they offer higher pay

Yoga on the Hill
Yoga on the Hill - Photo by: Pure Yoga


• Higher Cost of Living
Housing and other expenses are going to be more expensive in urban cities

• Noisier
Horns honking and people yelling generally happens more in the city 

• Lack of Parking
Have a car? It may be harder to find a parking spot and you may need to pay for it

• Higher Crime Rates
Unfortunately, more people means more crime, it may be less safe in the city

• Lack of Space
Homes and lots are generally smaller and don’t allow for a lot of room to roam

• More Competition
There may be more jobs, but there are also more people you are up against

Parking Ticket
Parking Ticket - Photo by: KDingo

In conclusion, each person has different needs, wants and values. Because of this, urban vs rural living varies between everybody. Thinking about making a big lifestyle change but aren’t sure if you could do it? Do the pros outweigh the cons in the charts above? Moving away from the city or the country is a big deal and a lot of things will change in your life, so make sure you are ready for it! Looking for a home in a rural or urban community? The Susan & Moe Team has great expertise in neighbourhoods within both rural and urban Ottawa! Contact us, we would love to give you a tour of your dream home!