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Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees,
Which is Best for You?

It’s a tradition as old as time! Pine, spruce and fir trees that stay green throughout the winter have always had a special meaning for people. Back in the early days, citizens used to decorate their homes with evergreens in the belief that they would keep away evil spirits. The Christmas tree tradition as we know it derived from Germany in the 16th century. It is said that Martin Luther was awed by the beauty of stars shining amongst the trees and to recreate this for his family. Because of this, he put up a tree in his home and added lighted candles to its branches.

Though the tradition of adding candles to your tree has evolved to electric lights instead (much safer option!), the idea of bringing a tree inside of your home and decorating it for the holidays has lived on into our present day. The first artificial Christmas trees were also made in Germany in the 1900s after seriously depleting the region’s evergreen population. These fake “trees” were made out of goose feathers that were dyed green. Fast forward a few years later and the artificial trees you can purchase at the store today almost look as real as the trees in your yard! Looking for more interesting info on how the tradition of Christmas trees began?
Check out this article!

Though your choice of having a real or fake Christmas tree ultimately comes down to personal preference, we have come up with a few pros and cons of each to help you decide which makes the most sense in your home!

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Christmas Tree Shopping - Photo by: Freepik - Senivpetro


It is hard to beat the overall look and feel of having a real tree in your home for the holidays. But like every great thing, there is always a downside as well.
Check out these pros and cons of having a real tree to figure out if it is right for you!


Smells Great!
A fresh evergreen tree in your home brings the smell of Christmas inside without having fake chemicals from candles and sprays!

Looks Flawless
You will never have to worry about the limbs and needles looking weird with a real tree. In fact, they are perfect the moment you bring them home!

Like we explained before, having a real Christmas tree is just like the original days when the tradition began! Just try not to put lit candles on your tree!

A Unique Selection
There are many different varieties, shapes and sizes of real trees, so you will never have the exact same one as your family or friends!

Supports Your Local Community
If you purchase your real tree every year from a Christmas tree farm in your area, you are helping to support that local family and that feels good!

Purifies Your Air
Similar to other real houseplants, a real tree will actually take in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and turn them into fresh oxygen released into the air. How fresh!

Pine Scent
Christmas Tree Scent - Photo by: Prostooleh


Though these gorgeous trees look great, they will shed their needles all over your floor. It will be a constant hassle trying to clean up after them.

With a real tree, you will need to remember to water it since it is still living while it is in your home. It is best to water your tree daily during the first 7-10 days.

Limited Time Only
Experts say that a real tree will last for about 5 weeks in your home before it starts to dry out. Keep it fresh for longer.

More Costly
Purchasing a new tree every year can get expensive. Artificial trees are under $100 and will last for years. Buying real ones each year is less cost-efficient.

Yearly Waste
Once the holidays are over, you need to properly dispose of your tree. Curbside pickup will come to take it away, but you need to break it down first.

These nasty little pests can hitch a ride on your real tree from the outdoors into your house. Insects such as aphids and spiders are harmless but could infest other houseplants in your home.

Pine Needle Mess - Photo by: Shutterstock


Artificial trees will never be as beautiful as a real tree, this is for sure. But, they can sure be a lot easier to maintain and put away. If you are living in a condo or apartment in the city, an artificial tree may be a better option for you. Read on for the pros and cons of having a fake tree!


Can Be Purchased Pre-Lit
Many fake Christmas trees come with lights attached to them so all you need to do is plug them in, no need for untangling knotted wires! How easy is that!

They Will Last a Decade or More
You may only need to buy 1 or 2 fake trees in your life before they begin to break down! A typical artificial tree will last 10-15 years. Not bad considering they are a $100 purchase!

No Mess
An artificial Christmas tree doesn’t shed needles on your floor. There is no need for constant sweeping when you have a fake tree. Unless your tree is chalked full of sparkles, but that is a personal preference!

Endless Varieties
No matter what size, shape, colour of a tree you want, there is an artificial tree out there for you! From white to purple, there are fake trees of every colour! Some are even made upside down! How’s that for unique!

No Maintenance
A fake tree never needs to be watered or trimmed. You just put it up and then leave it there for however long you would like! No need to worry about it ever drying out!

No Need to Even Leave the House
When you have a fake Christmas tree, there is no need to go out to a store or farm to pick one out and cut it down. Just go down to the basement and take it out of the box! Easy peasy!

Fake Selections
Fake Christmas Tree Selections - Photo by: EZ Storage


Takes Up Space All Year Long
Your fake tree may come in a large box. This box needs to be stored somewhere which means it ends up taking up space all year long.

Cannot be Recycled
Sadly, artificial trees will one day end up in a landfill. They cannot be recycled because of the materials they are made out of. Instead make your old tree into another type of holiday decor!

Looks the Same Every Year
When you go with a fake tree, you want to make sure you love it. You are going to have this tree for the next 10-15 years and it is always going to look the same. Of course, you can always decorate it differently!

Putting It Up Can be a Hassle
Putting up your fake Christmas tree can be a bit of a hassle. First, you must put it together properly. Then, you need to fan and fluff out all of the branches to make it look more real. And then you have to do it all again to put it away!

May Look Fake
Though most artificial Christmas trees have been made to look as real as possible, they never quite look exactly as good as the real thing. It really depends on how much you are willing to spend on your fake tree.

No Picking out “The One”
You lose the experience of taking your family to a Christmas tree farm to pick out your favourite tree with a fake tree. Some people may never have the experience in their entire lifetime!

Storage Box
Christmas Tree Storage Box - Photo by: Ivan Melnikov

So which type of Christmas tree did you grow up with? Did you stick with that same type as an adult? Is it time for a change? Did your moving situation put you into a new home that would benefit from a different type of tree? Either way, we hope that our pros and cons list has made the decision easier of which tree is best for you. We are getting closer to Christmas Day and if you haven’t yet got your tree up or decided which one is best for you, we hope our article was able to give you a little bit of inspiration! Looking for more holiday decor? Check out our great article on how to decorate your home’s exterior for the holidays!

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