Decorate Your Home’s Exterior for the Holidays

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Holiday Spirit
November 27, 2020
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December 11, 2020
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5 Easy Ways to Decorate the Front of Your Home for Christmas

5 Ways to Decorate the Front of
Your Home for Christmas

Are you in need of some holiday inspiration for the front of your house? You have came to the right place! From DIY greenery planters to festive lights to garland and berries! Don’t have a lot of holiday decor? No problem! A quick run to the dollar store should do the trick! You can be even more frugal by visiting the forest to pick up some birch logs and greenery! If you are looking to pick greenery off of trees, be sure they aren’t on your neighbour’s property first! Remember that greenery will stay alive for a while outdoors but bringing it inside will only keep for about 2 weeks. Read on for great ways to decorate the front of your home for Christmas!

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights - Photo by: Christmas Lights, Etc

1. Lights

The most obvious way to decorate your home for Christmas is to of course put up lights! However, you may be wondering how to do this without looking like the house from Christmas Vacation (unless that is your style!). Lights look beautiful strung along the trees in your front yard or along your roof-lines. If your home has pillars, stringing lights around the pillars mixed with garland adds a classy touch. Highlighting unique points of interest on your house is also a great idea! Things such as dormer windows or portico’s can look amazing lit up! Remember that before you go ahead and start hanging lights, make sure to come up with a plan. It helps to draw out your ideas on paper so you can have a visual of how it will look once they are hung.

Check out this great article for tips on hanging outdoor Christmas lights!

Christmas Porch
Christmas Porch - Photo by: Sugar Maple Farmhouse

2. Porch / Doorway

Decorating your front porch or doorway is a great thing to do when decorating your house for the holidays! Every time you enter the house it will make you happy to look at the decor. It’s true! Studies have proved that Christmas decor puts us in an overall better mood. Some great ideas for decorating your front porch are: a wreath on the door, a vintage toboggan up against the wall, old skates or mittens hung on the door, greenery and/or garland around the door and windows, a pile of logs by the front door, a holiday sign (check out this link to create your own!), small trees in rustic buckets, poinsettias and oversized lanterns with candles. All of this great decor can be spiced up a little bit more with lights as well! 

DIY Christmas Urn
DIY Christmas Urn - Photo by: Threads & Blooms

3. DIY Decor

Have you ever made your own Christmas urn? This decor can even be left out all winter long as it doesn’t have to be holiday related! These beautiful urns are easy to make yourself with just a few items! Have a large planter left over from summer? Break it out and fill it with soil or a foam brick reservoir to hold your greenery. Stick your greenery into the soil or brick along with pieces of birch bark, fake berries from the dollar store, pine cones, Christmas balls, anything you want really! Dress it up a little bit more by adding a red bow around the planter and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous Christmas urn! You can also create your own greenery around your porch lights, repurpose old skis or snowshoes, or make your own evergreen gnomes, they have been very popular this year!

Decorate Your Yard
Decorate Your Yard - Photo by: The Home Depot

4. Driveway, Walkway and Lawn

Do you have a lamppost in your driveway or walkway? They look great all dressed up with greenery or garland! Add some lights as well and you will have a gorgeous addition to your holiday decor! If you have a long driveway, adding some lights along the way will brighten up your drive! You could also purchase a wire LED Christmas ornament for your lawn, they are sure to add some holiday cheer! Maybe you have a fence along the front of your home, adding greenery, lights and bows can really spice it up! Have some trees along your driveway or walkway? Adding lights to them will make them look amazing, and you can also try hanging Christmas balls and ornaments as well as bows! Mailboxes also look gorgeous outfitted in holiday gear!

Greenery - Photo by: Grandin Road Blog

5. Greenery

Though we have already mentioned greenery many times in this article, we think it deserves it’s own heading! Greenery can be anything from wreaths to garland to creating your own from evergreens and cedar trees! You can add wreaths to your front door, around porch lights, your garage, above windows, anywhere really! Creating a greenery window box can also be a beautiful way to dress up your home! Adding greenery to hanging planters looks nice as well! Always remember to add lights, they make everything look magical when the sun goes down. You can purchase faux greenery, or you can pick your own right out of the forest! Check out these great tips on keeping your real greenery fresh! Adding greenery is sure to help with decorating your home for Christmas! 

We hope you enjoyed our 5 ways to decorate the front of your house for Christmas! If your house is still bare for the season, we hope you were able to find some festive ideas to get it looking a little more festive! If you have already decorated this year, hopefully you found some good ideas for next year!

Perhaps you are looking for some great tips on decorating the interior of your home? We have a blog for that too! Check out these great staging tips to sell your home during the holidays! This post doubles as interior holiday decor ideas as well as staging tips!

Either way, The Susan & Moe Team hopes you have a safe and happy holiday season!
If you are looking for a new home for the holidays, we are always happy to help you find the home of your dreams! Give us a call!