Cozy Backyard

June 25, 2021
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Cozy Backyard

How to Create a Cozy Outdoor Space

Summer is finally here! It’s time to enjoy those long hot summer days as they turn into night. And what better place to enjoy the warmth than in your own backyard! If you have some sort of outdoor space, you may have already been working towards sprucing it up for the summer. Have you been able to create a truly cozy space? If not, or if you already have but would like some fun tips for next year, you are going to love these great ideas for creating a cozy backyard! The Susan & Moe Team hopes you have a safe and wonderful summer. Enjoy it while its here!

Firepit - Photo by: Wayfair

Fire Pit

The easiest way to make your backyard a cozy hangout spot is by adding a fire pit. A fire pit adds a beautiful focal point to any backyard. Looking to build your own? Check out our blog post! If you aren’t allowed to have a fire because of bylaws, you can also add some sort of fire feature like this. Cozying up beside a warm fire is just so comfortable and relaxing. The flames dancing are magical and mesmerizing to watch. The heat that comes off of it is an added bonus as well! The smoke can also keep the mosquitoes away. And the s’mores… need we say more! 

Hammock - Photo by: In The Know


Ahh, a summer afternoon spent hanging in a hammock with a great book… how cozy! Number 2 on our cozy list is of course a hammock. Who doesn’t love these comfy swinging sacks! There are so many different types of hammocks too! One to suit every personality type. You can choose between a tree-hammock or, if you don’t have 2 perfectly spaced trees, you can instead find one that has its own base. So many chairs and couches have copied the swinging aspect of hammocks, but there really isn’t anything else quite like the real thing! 

Tiki Torches
Tiki Torches - Photo by: Master Spas

Tiki Torches

Much like a fire pit, tiki torches can add that mesmerizing, cozy flame to your outdoor space. These Caribbean-style torches can help light up a path or your yard. Adding tiki torches is a great way to light up your yard at night and add a hint of cozy, not to mention, they look so cool! And they can also be quite useful. You can purchase citronella-filled torches that will keep the bugs away. Tiki torches don’t need to be expensive, just check out these ones from Canadian Tire for $10! Fancier torches do exist as well of course, but if you are looking to landscape your backyard on a budget, you will love the inexpensive ones! 

Outdoor Rug
Outdoor Rug - Photo by:

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is another way to bring the indoors outside and some coziness to your backyard. Outdoor rugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some even have unique patterns and colours. Your outdoor rug is sure to add coziness because of the comfortable feeling it provides underneath your feet. Placing the rug underneath patio furniture is a sure way to complete your outdoor living room! Why not go all out and have matching throw pillows and blankets too! 

Gazebo - Photo by: Home Depot


Gazeboes are a popular choice for backyards for many reasons. Not only do they add a cozy hangout spot, but they also provide well-needed shade and you can also sit outside during the rain and at night when the mosquitoes come out. Gazeboes come in all sorts of materials and sizes, as well as prices. They can be as affordable as $75 for a soft tent, all the way up to $5000 or more for a hard top. You could also consider building your own gazebo with plans such as these. Be sure to set up your gazebo on a flat piece of land. On top of a patio or deck always work well! 

Outdoor Blankets
Outdoor Blankets - Photo by: Yellow Brick Home


What could be cozier than a blanket by the fire! Of course, blankets make our list of ways to make your backyard cozy. They are warm and soft and oh-so-comfy! They also make a stylish statement draped over the back of an outdoor couch or chair. They are inviting for yourself or your guests, especially after the sun goes down and it gets a little chillier at night. You can buy outdoor blankets that are made of weather-safe materials such as moisture-resistant acrylic. That way you don’t have to worry if they stay out in the rain! If you have a gazebo or a deck box to store your blankets in, you can go for pretty much any material you want. Check out HGTV’s top 10 outdoor blankets to cozy up with! 

String Lights
String Lights - Photo by: Light Up Nashville

String Lights

String lights add a comforting glow to any outdoor space. They also create a stylish European-type vibe. Almost like a Parisian cafe or dining patio! These lights are both stylish and functional, brightening up your space for late-night entertaining. There are many different types of string lights including Edison bulbs, rope lights, fairy lights, lanterns, jar lights, or even tiny flamingo or cactus lights. Basically, whatever quirky style fits your decor – you can most likely find in a store! You may also need to figure out an easy way to hang these lights. Check out this great article for building string light poles, complete with flower planters! 

Outdoor Throw Pillows
Outdoor Throw Pillows - Photo by: Obra Limpa

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows also add a cozy element to any backyard. They are extremely comfortable when piled onto outdoor furniture and make a fun statement! You can buy pillows with catchy wording, bold colours, flashy patterns, or neutral tones. There are throw pillows for everybody’s style! If you don’t like the style next year, you can also just wrap up your old ones with fresh, new covers instead. Pairing your throw pillows with your outdoor furniture and blankets will be sure to complete your cozy outdoor space! 

In conclusion, there are many elements for creating a cozy outdoor space. When thinking cozy, it is best to remember the terms, warm, cuddly, comfortable, soft… bring these sorts of items into your backyard and you are bound to create that perfect cozy space!

To recap, our cozy ideas are fire pits, hammocks, tiki torches, outdoor rugs, gazeboes, blankets, string lights and throw pillows. There are lots of other great cozy aspects out there, so you can easily make it your own. Having comfy outdoor furniture always helps as well!

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The Susan & Moe Team hopes you enjoy your summer season! Looking for a home with a new outdoor space? Contact us.
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