Outdoor Inspiration… for any Space!

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Outdoor Inspiration... for any Space!

The temperatures are slowly rising and the temptation to go outdoors is rising too! With the sunny days ahead, there is no doubt that you have started to think about sipping a drink outdoors and enjoying the warmth. You may already have the perfect outdoor space… in that case, we are all super jealous! Or maybe you have been wanting to create the perfect space for the last few years but just haven’t had the time to do it. Now is a great time! Whether you are in a townhome with a small yard, a condo building with a tiny balcony, or in a single family detached home with a huge yard, we have some tips for you! Check out our outdoor inspiration… for any space!

We have broken down the spaces into categories to fit the space you have. Some great tips for any space would be: adding lights, flowers or plants, as well as some sort of outdoor furniture. If you are looking for a little but more context than that, read on and check out the photo slideshows of great outdoor inspiration!  

The Small Yard

Maybe you live in a townhome or a semi-detached and have a yard on the smaller side. That’s no problem! There are tons of great ways to utilize your small space and make it a cozy afternoon hangout spot. A great way to bring your small yard to life is by adding some plants. A garden of some sort, whether it be for vegetables or flowers will bring a feeling of life to your yard. Being around plants is a sure way to boost your mood and make you feel like you are in a wonderful outdoor oasis.

Another great thing to add is some sort of outdoor furniture such as a couch, table and some comfy chairs. Looking to create your space on the cheaper side? We have a great blog post on making your own DIY pallet couch that will cost you less than $100 to build. Arrange your outdoor furniture so that it isn’t in the middle of your yard. Any nice outdoor cushions should be covered or brought inside at night so they don’t get rained on or wet from morning dew. 

 It might be a nice idea to put some sort of fencing up if you don’t already have one. Fencing adds a sense of privacy so that you can really get the feeling like you are in your own space. You may live somewhere with no outdoor burning policies in place. In this case, some sort of fire feature would be a great thing to add to your yard! Even adding some candles here and there can cozy up a space. There is nothing quite like sitting next to a flame with a blanket and a good book.

Lighting will also make your space much more enticing. Small patio lights add a nice amount of glow. If you are feeling industrious, built-in lights around your patio, deck or fence will look stunning. Putting up string lights will always bring spaces to life as well. Want to add a deck or patio? Be sure to map out your space first. You may be doing it yourself and in this case it is a great idea to draw out your ideas by hand or on your computer before going ahead and starting. You want to use your space to the fullest. A good rule of thumb is to keep decks and patios up against either your home or a fence to maximize your outdoor space. 

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The Balcony

Perhaps you are currently living in a condo or townhome with only a small balcony as your outdoor space. There are lots of great ideas for creating awesome balcony decor. Though these spaces may be tiny and concrete, it is still possible to have an amazing outdoor oasis that you have always dreamed of.

Your balcony might be made out of cold cement. No problem! Adding outdoor flooring, fake grass or rugs can be a nice way to immediately clean up the space and make it more comfortable for walking on. If the balcony is large enough, adding a few plants in pots can also be great for mood enhancement and for making your space look lush and alive. There are even some easy to grow vegetables you can grow on your balcony in pots if you are feeling adventurous! 

Adding some sort of outdoor furniture is also a nice way to spruce up your space and make it more liveable. Small couches or a table and chairs are perfect for balconies. With tiny balcony spaces, you can use bright colours to liven up the space. Throw pillows and blankets are also a nice way to cozy it up. You can also buy tables or pot planters that actually hang over the side of your balcony to save even more space!

A great way to use your balcony space to the fullest is to build upwards. A small shelving unit or ladder is great for setting your potted plants on. 

Lighting can be difficult as some balconies may not have an electrical outlet. Candles are great for this situation! Even solar lights might work if your space faces the sun. You might be able to plug some string lights in through a window or you might even have an outdoor electrical outlet. In this case, stringing lights above your balcony makes for a magical space that you will never want to leave!

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The Big Yard

If you live in a single family detached home in the suburbs or on a rural property,  you probably have a fairly large yard! In this case, the possibilities really are endless! Though landscaping can be expensive. 

When you have a large yard, you are of course going to need some landscaping tools such as a lawn mower or weed eater. Large yards can take a lot of upkeep work, but they sure can be beautiful places to enjoy!

Large yards can endure large vegetable or flower gardens alongside beautiful landscaping. You can add retaining walls, patio stones as well as hedges or bushes. Maybe you have a treed lot. You can easily dress up the trees by adding some lights or hanging a swinging chair from one of the limbs. This always looks so inviting.

You may also want to add a gazebo or pergola with patio furniture. If you are living outside of the city, a fire pit is a cozy choice to add to your yard as well. Built in seating around a fire pit is great when you have the space for it! Having some sort of outdoor storage shed is key if you have a big yard. You will need it to keep your landscaping tools in as well as any patio furniture cushions that you don’t want to get wet. 

Some yards are even large enough to create separate spaces for different activities. You could have a deck, perfect for outdoor meals and maybe even a built in hot tub. There might also be room for a patio space, great for sitting and entertaining. Why not throw in another fire pit area complete with projector screen and comfy couches! When you have a large yard, you can work away at each space over time to create the ultimate backyard oasis!

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The Pool Yard

Having a pool in your yard can have so many benefits! Being near water is so relaxing and the perfect setting to wind down. Your pool yard can be as simple or elaborate as you like, no matter the size of your yard.

According to city of Ottawa bylaw, It is a legal requirement to have a fence around your pool to make it inaccessible to small children. Be sure to have an enclosed fence around your yard or pool for safety. Fencing also offers a privacy factor which you will probably want if you are sunbathing around your pool anyway. 

Landscaping around your pool is key. A popular choice is patio stones or concrete around the pool, however, wood decking is also a modern trend. 

If there is space to add gardens and a fire pit around your pool, you will be surrounded by all of the elements creating the ultimate outdoor space. Adding some sort of fire feature beside your pool will create a beautiful glow that will look amazing reflecting in the water. 

You will definitely want to add some patio furniture around your pool. Some sort of comfy lounge chairs will both look great and offer an enjoyable hangout spot. Having a pool means you will need somewhere to store all of your cleaning tools and pool toys. A pool shed or deck box is great for storing everything. 

Adding built-in lights around your pool will give it that luxurious look. String lights look amazing as well. 

If you really want to get fancy, an outdoor tiki hut or bar could be just what you need to create the perfect staycation. Not only will this look amazing in your yard, it will also be a great covered spot where you can enjoy the outdoors even if it is raining outside. 

Creating the perfect yard with a pool can definitely be expensive with fancy landscaping. But, think of the money you will save on trips and vacations when your relaxing retreat is only steps away!

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We hope you have enjoyed our outdoor inspiration for any space. Spending time in the outdoors has proven health benefits such as boosting your energy, mitigating pain, enhancing your creativity and restoring your focus. Why not create the perfect space for enjoying time in the sun.
We hope you enjoy the warmer days ahead.

Stay safe, everyone!