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Outdoor Inspiration… for any Space!
May 15, 2020
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Create Outstanding Chalk Art with Your Kids!

These days chalk art has a whole new meaning than just a few scribbles in your driveway. In these strange times, chalk art has became such an uplifting staple in our daily lives. Taking a stroll in your neighbourhood has never been as visually appealing as it is now! From hopskotch to rainbows, uplifting quotes, unicorns and riddles, there is chalk art everywhere. What a great way for your children (or you!) to express themselves in a creative form while putting a smile on other people’s faces walking by. Check out some inspiration that will make it easy to create outstanding chalk art!

Here’s what you will need:

• Chalk

• Pencil

• Grid Paper

• Driveway or Sidewalk Surface

• Hair Spray (to seal the artwork to help it from fading so quickly)

The Lay Flat Chalk Art

Some of the most entertaining sidewalk masterpieces come from the lay flat technique. Make sure you have your camera handy as your kiddies will become supermodels when they get to be the star of their own creation! Ask your child to think about if they could go anywhere right now, where would it be? Then have them draw out the destination on your sidewalk or driveway. Other great ideas include laying with their favourite Disney character or superhero, underneath an umbrella, beside a cool car, or it could be as simple as drawing some wings to make it look like they are flying. The possibilities really are endless and you can let their creativity run as wild as they want! Check out some of our favourite lay flat chalk art in the following slideshow.

Awesome Ideas:

• Castles or ships

• Dangerous animals

• Defying gravity

The 3D Chalk Art

3D chalk art is a pretty amazing feat if you are able to master it! There are some very talented artists out there who are street artist champions winning competitions with their amazing art. Of course, this takes a great deal of practice and getting to that point might be a little far off from where you are at right now. But practice makes perfect! And with all the time you have right now, why don’t you and your kids try to perfect the 3D chalk art! A few tips for creating a 3D masterpiece – try to sketch out your artwork on paper first. 

• Drawing a grid in behind your art can help to create the 3D perspective.

• Once you have your picture sketched on the grid, draw your grid on the pavement.

•  Fill in each square of the grid one at a time be referring to your drawing.

• Adding a shadow to your art will give it that 3D feel.

Check out this super cute how-to video for creating 3D chalk art yourself!


Using Your Surroundings Chalk Art

A really fun and creative way to put your chalk art mind to the test is to try and find different aspects around you that you could use. This could be anything from cracks in the pavement to tiny weeds breaking through the surface, or even as simple as colouring in the stones or bricks in your patio. Be creative with your surroundings when you are trying to figure out what might look cool. Sometimes using both a vertical and horizontal surface that meet can create a unique image.

Great Ideas:

• Draw your art inside of patio stones or sidewalk slates

• Use a manhole as part of your art

• Find a crack that is in a weird shape and use it as part of your picture


If these ideas aren’t your thing or they just look too difficult, there are lots of other great chalk art you can create! Even just spreading positive quotes and messages at a time like this is great to see when you look down at the sidewalk. We have seen people writing down the names of different plants and trees, or creating mazes that people need to go through. There are lots of ways to be creative with your chalk. So get outside, spend some time in the sun and let your creativity fly! 

The Susan & Moe Team would love to see what you come up with! Tag us in a photo of your little ones creating their masterpieces on Facebook and Instagram!