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April 16, 2021
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April 30, 2021
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Outdoor Games

Fun Outdoor Games for the Backyard

Who doesn’t love outdoor games! Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, finding fun things to do is becoming more and more difficult. The Susan & Moe Team is here to help! We have lots of ideas for fun things to do at home, DIY projects, great Ottawa staycations, awesome campsites, and so much more! This week, we are bringing you a list of safe and fun outdoor games you can play at home. The list below features some great games you can play with your family in your own backyard. Perhaps you don’t have a yard, that’s okay! Because you can safely play these outdoor games while being socially distanced at a park!

Check out our list below of fun outdoor games for the backyard.

Some of the following games can be bought online, while others you can actually make yourself! Read on for some fun ideas!

Buy These Games Online

The following outdoor games can be purchased online at select stores. You will find the price and a link to the game is below each image.
In addition, these games are listed from the lowest price to the highest.

Ladderball, Disc Toss & Target Toss Set

Ladderball, Disc Toss & Target Toss Set
Ladderball, Disc Toss & Target Toss Set - Photo by: Canadian Tire

Triple your fun with the Rec-Tek 3-in-1 Ladderball, Disc Toss & Target Toss Set! This set mixes 3 great games and all of the fun.
Therefore, it is an awesome outdoor game for any age! 

Price: $59.99


Spikeball - Photo by: Spikeball

Spikeball is an active and exciting outdoor game. Play for fun, or enjoy some friendly competition. This game is typically played with 2 players on each side, but can also be played one on one or even 3 on 3. The rules are somewhat like those of volleyball, however, the net is on the ground and your ball is much smaller.
Great for any outdoor space!

Price: $69.99

Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Golf Game

Blue Wave Aqua Golf
Blue Wave Aqua Golf - Photo by: Blue Wave

Practice your putting and chipping in your own backyard with the ultimate Aqua Golf Backyard Golf Game! Chip onto this floating island green with 12 hook and loop golf balls. This “island” can float along the surface of your inground pool, or it can also sit on land. Tee up your shot on the 12-in x 22-in chipping mat and aim for one of two flags and cups on the floating green.

Price: $136

Saucer King

Saucer King
Saucer King - Photo by: Gongshow

Do you ever wish you could shoot hockey pucks in your own backyard under the sun? Now you can! Sauce pucks in your backyard, at the beach, the cottage or anywhere else you want with this all-in-one Saucer King kit. The rules are simple. Each time you score a goal, you get a letter. Once you spell out “G-O-N-G-S-H-O-W” you win the game! Kit comes with everything except a hockey stick.

Price: $210 

Giant 4-In-A-Row

Giant 4-In-A-Row
Giant 4-In-A-Row - Photo by: Wayfair

This giant version of 4-in-a-row measures 4′ wide and 3. 5′ tall and is completely portable! The solid wood material features a classic white finish for a signature look that sets it apart from plastic sets. As an added bonus, this set also comes with a premium carrying case for compact safe storage and easy travel.
It’s the ultimate outdoor game for the family!

Price: $249

Do It Yourself Games

The games listed below can be created by you! Get the family involved and you can make a day out of a DIY outdoor game!
The materials needed for each DIY game are listed below. 

Yard Yahtzee

Yard Yahtzee Outdoor Game
Yard Yahtzee - Photo by: Momtastic

This super-sized version of Yahtzee plays just like the traditional game, but with huge blocks instead! These giant “dice” are way more fun to roll than the tiny ones.
Your kids are going to love tossing these blocks in the air!

• 5 woodblocks
• Woodburning Tool
• Circle woodburning attachment
• 2 Clothespins
• Small clamps
• Aluminum bucket

Check out full DIY instructions here

Water Balloon Piñata

Water Balloon Piñata
Water Balloon Piñata - Photo by: Fireflies and Mudpies

Who doesn’t love hitting a piñata? This is the perfect outdoor game for cooling down on a hot day! All you need are water balloons and something to hit them with!
This game is sure to be loads of fun for the whole family!

• Water balloons
• String
• Plastic bat
• Blindfold

Check out full DIY instructions here

Art With Aim

Art With Aim Outdoor Game
Art With Aim - Photo by: HGTV

In this messy game, you get to leave with a fun souvenir you can hang on your wall later on! The rules are easy, fill up a few water guns with acrylic paint and shoot them at a canvas in the backyard! After that, you will have a beautiful and unique piece of artwork! In addition, you may want to put up a dropcloth behind the easel if you don’t want your fence to be painted in fancy colours. 

• Water guns
• Acrylic paint
• Canvases
• Easel
• Dropcloth

Supersized Dominoes

Lawn Dominoes
Lawn Dominoes - Photo by: Jen Woodhouse

This fun backyard game can look as classy as you’d like it to look! Choose how you want to design your giant dominoes and then you can play in style! These super cool dominoes were made using a torch to burn the wood to bring out the wood grain. However, this part can easily be skipped if you aren’t feeling as adventurous! 

• Bernzomatic TS3500T Multi-Use Torch Kit
• RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Trim Router
• Circular Saw
• Drill Press (or drill) fitted with a 1-inch Forstner Bit
• Protective Gloves
• Safety Glasses
• Dust Mask
•  (4) 1 x 6 x 8 Ft. Boards
•(28) 1 x 6 @ 11 inches

Check out full DIY instructions here


DIY Washers Outdoor Game
Washers - Photo by: Addicted 2 DIY

Washer toss is a lot like ring toss or horseshoes. In this game, you stand about 15ft away from the box and try to toss your washers inside of the box. The points system works for each washer that gets inside the middle, inside the box only, or if it is touching the outside of the box. In conclusion, it is a fun way to spend time outdoors and you don’t have to be athletic to play. The best part is that you can build your own washer set fairly easily! 

• Two 2×4 boards @ 8′ long
• 2′ x 4′ x 1/2″ plywood
• 4″ PVC pipe
• Indoor/outdoor carpet
• Eight 1″ washers
• Spray paint for washers
• Wood glue
•  All-Purpose spray adhesive
• Wood filler
• Clear Epoxy
• 2″ Brad nails
• 11/4″ Brad nails
• 11/4″ Wood screws

Check out full DIY instructions here

We hope that you enjoyed these 10 fun outdoor game ideas. Even if you don’t have a backyard, Ottawa has tons of great green space you can bring these games to and play with your family! Above all, we hope these outdoor games can bring some joy and happiness to your families during these strange times. Being home all the time is difficult for all of us, but The Susan & Moe Team promises to continue to give you safe and fun ideas for things to do at home. Stay safe and have a wonderful summer! Be sure to check back later for more fun ideas!