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April 30, 2021
May 14, 2021
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Games Room

Create the Ultimate Games Room

Given that we are spending so much time at home lately, The Susan & Moe Team wants to help you make your home the ultimate hang-out spot! Previously, we created a list of fun outdoor games for you to play. Since then, we have compiled a list of great game room ideas so you can create the ultimate games room indoors!

Firstly, you will need to figure out where you want to set up your game room in your house. The number 1 most popular spot for a room like this is in the basement. However, if you don’t have a basement, you could consider an attic, converting your garage, a spare bedroom, office or den, or you could even have an outdoor converted shed!  Some things to consider when choosing your gaming space are, is it going to be loud? Will you bother your neighbours? If you have a particularly excitable family who may scream and shout when they win, or if you want to turn your music up loud, you may also want to look into sound-proofing your games room.

Once you have figured out where you are going to put your game room, it’s time to start designing and organizing! Check out these awesome tips so you can create the ultimate games room! 

Try out a Theme

Star Wars Themed Game Room
Star Wars Themed Game Room - Photo by: Magical Vacation Homes

Are you really into Star Wars? Maybe you really love the old-school Super Mario games. Perhaps you have a favourite sports team. Pick a theme and go hog wild with it in your games room! In this room, you don’t need to worry about tacky decor, the more off-the-wall, the better! Maybe you don’t want to go full out with a themed room, you could try some bright colours instead. The games room is basically where all the fun is going to happen, therefore it is cool to decorate it accordingly!  

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Convertible Games Room Table
Convertible Game Table - Photo by: Board Game Geek

When we say multi-purpose furniture, we mean having a games table that can be used for dining, for puzzles, board games, card games. You will want to be sure that the table is the right size for the number of people you are planning on having to your game nights. Tables that have extra pull-out drawers can also be a  particularly nice touch for a games room, this way you can hide cards and other game elements you may quickly need at any given time. We have even seen convertible pool table / dining tables options you could also try out!

Built-In Shelving

Built-in Shelving
Built-in Shelving - Photo by: Decor Pad

Built-in shelving is a great idea for a games room. You are going to need somewhere to put your board games, movies and video games. Not to mention all of your collectibles and memorabilia from your favourite games and movies! Similarly, you can add standalone bookshelves instead if you aren’t up for the built-ins. 

Quirky Decor

Quicky Decor
Quicky Decor - Photo by: Foter

Adding fun posters or artwork related to gaming or movies to the walls of your games room is sure to complete the look! Everything from Scrabble letters to a footstool that looks like dice, dartboards on the wall, old pool cues or ping pong paddles. You can also add cool game-inspired rugs to the floor or other fun gamer decor.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting in Games Room
Accent Lighting - Photo by: HomeBNC

The games room should be like no other room in the house. Because of this, it would be very cool to add some accent lighting! Think neons and Phillips Hue lighting. Or you could try out a ceiling projector. Whatever you go with, try out lights with different colours and styles. The quirkier, the better! You may also want to add dimmer switches so you can enjoy your game and movie nights without bright lighting ruining the vibe!

Surround Sound & Speakers

Surround Sound System
Surround Sound System - Photo by: TechWriter

Your games room is going to be a super fun area to chill and hang out. In addition to fancy accent lighting, it is also awesome to be able to turn your music up loud! Surround sound and good speakers are a must for a games room. Just imagine playing your favourite video game and feeling like you are actually there on the screen! 

Add a Scoreboard

Chalkboard Scoreboard
Chalkboard Scoreboard - Photo by: DIY Network

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! If you are looking to create the ultimate games room, you are going to need a scoreboard! How else will you know that you are kicking the other team’s butt?! Find a good spot in your games room where everyone can see the scoreboard and where it is easy to get to. You don’t want to put it somewhere that you won’t be able to reach. You can either buy your own scoreboard or similarly, you can create your own with chalkboard paint and chalk! 

Funky Furniture

Funky Furniture
Funky Furniture - Photo by: Game Over Store

Some great ideas for funky games room furniture include swinging chairs, beanbags, pod chairs, under sofa lights, theatre seating, and massage chairs. Even just a large sectional couch will do. Make it comfy and make it your own style. You will also want to make sure that you have enough seating for large groups for a big game night! Extra fold-up chairs and tables are always good to have on hand. 

A Bar

Games Room Bar
Games Room Bar - Photo by: Wayfair

What is a game night without refreshments? With this in mind, adding a small bar area to your games room can be great for everyone! Whether you want to stock it with alcohol or not is up to you. Having a small bar-sized fridge in your games room can be a real “game” changer – get it? This way you can have cold drinks and maybe even some small snacks on hand! In addition, you could even get your own popcorn machine for your games room! 

In conclusion, you can be as creative as you want to be when making your games room! If you want it to go with the rest of your home decor, you may want to skip out on the funky furniture and bright colours. However, if you are looking for a unique and awesome spot to hang out, go crazy with the decor! It’s your games room and it is without a doubt going to be the coolest room in your house, so have fun with it! We hope that you and your family have a blast in your new games room and that there will be lots of laughing in your near future!

Need a home with more space so you can create your ultimate games room? Contact us and we can help you find it!